Zero Waste

sustainable lifestyle can be sexy and satisfying

I truly love the idea to create a lifestyle out of a rather traditional unfashionable way of living. In my childhood being too eco-friendly and especially looking like it – wasn’t a way of being with the hip kids – but now thanks to Bea Johnson  and women like Lauren Singer it might become en vogue to live a zero waste and more sustainable lifestyle with less stuff and longer lasting products. ( simply don’t look like it! :) )

It’s a contribution to all our lives and to the environment to get the message out into the world: You can live with less consumerism, less waste, less clutter. And maybe it is even a more satisfying life. Thank you Bea and Lauren!

In addition, flying around the globe to promote the idea of zero waste feels not right for me. But who am I to blame.

It is so easy to reduce your waste, give it a go and you will be surprised how empowering this lifestyle can be.