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CARRIER OF HOPE 3 – Sharing „food is free laneway“

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Guerilla Gardening Vienna © Esther 2015

Especially in the city you sometimes don’t get in touch with your neighbours. Once in a while the couple at the ground floor might have to receive a parcel addressed to you or you have to get in contact with the students from the floor below because you couldn’t sleep all night long. Even in the countryside people often ignore one another, or even fight against each other. The garden fence becomes more of a line of demarcation. Wouldn’t you love to have pleasant contacts with the people around you?

Meet Lou Ridsdale from Ballarat in Australia. Ballarat is situated around 120 k’s from Melbourne.

Lou is organizing the „food is free laneway“ along her garden fence. It is a combination of guerilla gardening, food sharing and neighbourly help.

Attention! People share greens. Plants, seeds, veggies, salads, spices and everything that is growing in the gardens in town. Watch the short clip!

The people behind the camera are also special. They should have their own post. See for yourself click here!


Guerilla Gardening Berlin © Esther 2015

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