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Welcome to my Blog. You found the English Section. :) By sharing thoughts and connecting with people from different countries I hope to play my tiny part in changing this world – our behaviour – into a more sustainable version. My English is less than perfect, but if we don’t make an effort to understand each other – there will be less hope to reach high ambitions. Don’t you think? 

I’m a former tailor, manageress, artist, fashion designer, puppet maker, special effect assistant, social worker, teacher, farmer, junior clerk and so on. I worked for big companies and small workshops, in Germany, Italy, Austria, U.A.E. and Australia. Nowadays I decline jobs in far off countries. I think my behaviour has caused enough damage for a lifetime. (Even if I always recycled my rubbish and donated for environmental organisations)  

During all these years I tried to find my true passion, my sense in life. Believing there is the one and only reason to live. I was wrong. There are so many reasons: every tree, animal, river, see, mountain, flower… is one. 

What to expect from this Blog? 

You will find thoughts and ideas concerning ECO-FRIENDLY LIVING, ZERO WASTE and MINIMALISM. I also present you some of my DIY IDEAS and VEGAN RECIPES.

Browse through the pages, add your comments, follow me if you like to read more. I’m happy to clarify any misunderstandings.