Why don’t we do this on a global scale?

In this post you find a documentary by John Liu.

The documentary shows large scale restoration projects on degraded lands in China (Loess Plateau), Ethiopia and Rwanda. How important it is to educate especially the poor people, and what impact we have in both ways, bad but also good is clearly visible in this documentary.

But the question remains: If it is so easily done, why don’t we do this on a global scale? We can see the whole world in this little screen of us. But what we are presented with all day is mostly crap: Industries of tips on dieting, how others live their expensive lives, what car you need to buy, which hair product you need to use and so on.

Maybe everything is to far away? Do we have to wait till problems of others become ours? Right now millions of people are unemployed, fleeing because of war, poverty, hunger, depression or crime to look for hope, help, future, prosperity, peace or just a chance. Do we start to act now? Or do we fight the people and build fences around our houses?

Do we need more refugees and more wars over resources? Do we need more discussions or higher fences? If the answer is: You can fight poverty and climate change with the same instruments, why is it still so difficult to make this priority no one? 

I think it is vital to take action. All of us. Especially high developed countries have the responsibility to act and to help, because we are living this standard because others are poor. Imagine all men and women would earn a decent salary? Could we still be able to import cheap toys, cloth or high Tech from China, would we be able to eat inexpensive bananas, or even worse discard every day several million tons of food? 

What do you think? Do I miss something important? Do you like the documentary? Does it give you hope? 

More topics concerning this years theme: HOPE you can find here.


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